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This up-to-date theorybook explains the Dutch traffic rules. It is designed for English-speaking people who wish to learn for obtaining a Dutch driving license B. This edition is updated with the latest changes to Dutch traffic regulations such as seat belt regulations and new road markings in English.

In this combination:
– Theorybook Traffic Manual for Passenger car
– Examtraining book in Dutch 535 questions

By purchasing this combination of theorybook and exam-training, you will be receiving the Dutch version of the exam training accompanied by a booklet with the English translation.

The book itself is a direct translation of the Dutch books. After finishing this book, you will be able to pass for the theory-exam given by the Dutch CBR authority.

The book contains 189 pages with full-color photographs and illustrations. The learning book does not only cover the specific rules, but also focuses on insights into traffic situations and potential danger recognition.

The trainingbook contains 535 questions, spread over 5 themed courses and 5 examtests. A supplement with an English translation is attached.
4 out of 5 themed courses focus on traffic rules and insight into traffic situations. (40 questions each). There is a separate themed course with 50 questions about traffic signs only.

Each examtest consists of 65 questions divided in

hazard perception, 25 questions
traffic rules, 30 questions
traffic insights, 10questions
Going through these questions will give you a realistic feeling of how the Dutch CBR authority takes exams. Every training guarantees an ideal mix of different questions.


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